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Musician and Educator

Live Performances - 2018

  • August 18 Kingston Classics Trio concert with Katie Legere and Bill Egnatoff
  • August 14 Tribute to Benny Goodman, Island Star cruise lines, Kingston
  • August 1-3 Taylor Donaldson Big Band
  • August 20 The Swingmasters, Trenton Big Band Festival
  • August 10 The Swingmasters, Island Star cruise lines, Kingston
  • May 11-14 Sinatra Tribute, Grand Theatre, Kingston
  • March 16 Happy Hour Sound Bytes, with Katie Legere, Bill Egnatoff and and Cory VanAllen
  • February 9 Music West, Quintessential Classics with Anke Carrington (oboe), Chris Scott (flute), Neal Scott (bassoon) & Cory Van Allen (horn)

Live Performances - 2017

  • November 24 Kingston Community Strings, Tartini Concertino for Clarinet orchestrated by Gordon Jacobs
  • October 13 Happy Hour Sound Bytes - Jazz Standards with Dave Barton, guitar
  • August 3 The Swingmasters, Island Star cruise lines, Kingston
  • July 19 Kingston Classics Trio at Fulford Place Museum with Bill Egnatoff (flute) and Katie Legere (bassoon).
  • July 6 The Swingmasters, Island Star cruise lines, Kingston
  • April 21 Happy Hour Sound Bytes - classical standards for strings with bassoon and strings with clarinet
  • April 29Kingston Symphony Orchestra - Best of the Big bands – clarinet soloist, lead Alto Sax
  • March 26 Chris Alfano Quartet at the Tett Rehearsal Room
  • October 21 Happy Hour Sound Bytes - tunes with ‘Love’ in the title. with Paul Clifford (bass) and Paul Morrison (piano)

Video and Recordings

Tribute to Benny Goodman

Falling in Love is Wonderful

Nutcracker Entracte

How About You

How About You

Spanish Eyes

Arabesque Cookie

Arabesque Cookie


Clarinet – with woodwind trio (Kingston Classics trio)

About Me

Meritorious Service Medal

In 2017 I was awarded the Meritorious Service Medal for my work on Intergenerational Education at LaSalle High school.
The Meritorious Service Decorations were established to recognize the extraordinary people who make Canada proud. Their acts are often innovative, set an example or model for others to follow, or respond to a particular challenge faced by a community. The best candidates are those who inspire others through their motivation to find solutions to specific and pressing needs or provide an important service to their community or country. To see pictures of the ceremony click here: MSM Ceremony


I am an active musician in the Eastern Ontario area playing in a variety of genres. I have performed classical music and jazz/pop music on clarinet and saxophones as part of the Kingston Symphony and National Arts Centre Orchestra as well as with the Kingston Classics Trio. My seven piece dance band, the Swingmasters are a feature every summer on the Island Star dinner boat cruising through the Thousand Islands. My wife, Katie Legere and I run the Happy Hour Sound Bytes series each year. More about our musical offerings can be found here:


In January 1994, I initiated a music instruction program for adults (primarily seniors) which teaches them to perform on wind instruments in a concert band setting. This program has run at La Salle Secondary School (Kingston), two hours daily, five days a week with instruction in winds, percussion and strings. This program has been a very successful undertaking. Seniors and adults have learned to read and apply music notation as well as develop competent practical skills on a wind instrument. The band performs many concerts during the academic year and continues each summer with rehearsals and concerts outside of the school. The Adult Band (as it is known in the high school) frequently performs with the teenaged high school concert band in rehearsal and concert settings. It is evident that this program is highly valued by the participants both educationally and socially. Working with seniors in this setting has been exciting and also very challenging. I have realized that this age group requires a different approach to the application of instrumental music instruction from that which is used when teaching adolescent musicians. In September of 2004, I began my PhD at McGill studying this program and completed my residency in the spring of 2005. Having successfully defended my thesis in December of 2008, I graduated with the degree Doctor of Philosophy in the spring of 2009. In 2018, I retired from teaching at LaSalle High School but, as they say, the band plays on!

I now teach at St. Lawrence College in their Music and Digital Arts Program as well as being Assistant Professor at the Queen's Faculty of Education.

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